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♥girl things♥ is a game about you, a trans wlw, and your friend lily being able to finally hang out & spend time together. 

cw: mentions of dysphoria and parental rejection

♥gt♥ is supposed to be a small, feel good story to play whenever you want a tiny pick-me-up!

please note: the game is playable on android - however, the images will not load on the platform, and it may be harder to set up. thank you ♥

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(226 total ratings)
Authorjaystarry ♡
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsCute, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBT, Romance, Short, Transgender, wlw
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone


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girl things.zip 911 kB


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What a wholesome game! I went through and got all the endings, all the dialogues, and really enjoyed it. Always refreshing to see LGBTQ characters represented in such a candid way.
If you haven't played the game yet, you should!

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I had a discussion with the game's author and once another project of theirs is done, they will be updating the game for online play! I wish I had the art and narrative skills to make such a game. Oh well, at least I can help with the technicalities.

Here is how to adopt this (or other SugarCube-based) game for itch.io without hiccups.

  • Go to your girl things folder (if your files are a mess like mine, just download and unpack the ZIP from here)
  • (Optional) The freely-distributable Helmet font has been used, which not everyone has installed. Please include it or link to it! Open your HTML file in Notepad (⊞), TextEdit (🍏) or similar, find "@font-face" and copy one of these lines in front of it, with line breaks or not (the first one is more reliable but only works if you supply a copy of Helmet-Regular.ttf (case-sensitive) yourself in the images folder):

To embed the game and qualify for the popular "Play in browser" category: 

  • itch.io is looking for an index.html file directly in the ZIP root dir. Change the file name from girl things.html to index.html and repack the ZIP (press Ctrl+A (⊞) or Cmd+A (🍏) to select the images folder and index.html, right-click and press Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder (⊞) or Compress (🍏) - do not do this on the upper-level "girl things" folder). Check that if you open the resulting ZIP, you don't see another "girl things" folder but images and index.html already! 
  • Use these itch.io project settings:
    • Kind of project: HTML
    • Uploads: Reupload "girl things.zip", which is the downloadable game, to update it to include the font. Mark ⊞ Windows, 🐧 Linux and 🍏 Mac as supported. Then, rename the ZIP on your computer to anything else (like "girl things online.zip" - to avoid overwriting the first one) and upload it again, this time check "This file will be played in the browser".
    • Embed options:
      • How to run: Embed in page, manually set size
        • Width: recommended 800 (full page is 920 but that opens the left bar so images won't fit)
        • Height: about 600, up to you
      • Mobile friendly
        • Orientation: Landscape (recommended)
      • ... Automatically start: you decide, I'd say yes
      • Fullscreen button
      • Enable scrollbars: important

I tested that this works by creating a bare-minimum, content-free testing version of this game and uploading it on my account.


cute, the only problem is that my name is Lily lmao

Oops! "How did you sleep, Lily?" Lily asked.
Maybe the developer could introduce an update to change her name too?
Shouldn't be too hard.


cutest thing i've ever played :3


lets get married

saw it and i must try it

awesome!!! <3333

Adorable, but feels basic at times. 

Predictable, but still sweet 


such a sweet little game!!


i love women


i also love women


i also love women





I also love women


cute :thumbsup:

So cute!!! <3


very sweet <3


MY HEART!!! i can't take the cuteness!!!!!!!


This was such a nice pick-me-up. TYTYTY


Very nice little game, I enjoyed it!


this had me screaming i love trans sapphic stories (im trans + sapphic lol) 


you can play on android perfectly using JoiPlay or similar apps


oh my god this is so cute and adorable and i love this so much!! much kudos to you

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This is one of the best experiences i ever had... I couldn't stop smiling and giggling at my monitor. I had "dating start" from undertale play in the background and I got carried away! Now that I wrote that, this game could use some music, if you want hit me up and I'd gladly contribute some jazz or synthwave/chiptune (or else, that's just what I had in mind), obviously for free.00 ;)
I'd also add some sort of save feature.

Thank you for this beautiful piece of art! <3


My only problem is that it ends


I felt exactly the same XD. I really felt comfy playing it… <3



It was such a good story and really made me all warm and fuzzy inside, i enjoyed how you portrayed exactly whats the main concern whenever parents arent supportive!

As a trans wlw girl, this is one of my favorites games ever. 10/10, will recommend <3


I love this game.


hi i'm on android and still really confused on how to download it

Download the zip, and inside is an html file. open the html, and you have it on android. just remember, as the author says, the images won't load. it is completely playable without the images however

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Deleted 1 year ago
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Deleted 1 year ago

shut up


pls dont :<


*dies of emoji


bros family hates him 💀

Deleted 1 year ago

goofy as hell bro


this games about trans girls, pls just leave us be :<


go away


:P my name is lilly


lilly is a pretty name :) i wish my dead name was as pretty as lilly!!! clover is a name i chose online, even if its a bit femme for a trans guy, it feels warm :D

Heyyyy that's my name too but mine has one less L


downloading it rn!,<3


I really loved the fact that the endings where you didn't choose the romantic option were still good and not portrayed as "bad endings". Thank you for showing that it's still beautiful and nice to have another person emotionally close without having a romantic tone. :)))



how do i play i downloaded it but like i cant play it??- (yes I unzipped the game)

umm delete the file and reinstall? i do that :D!

OOOH click the thing below the images folder!!!




loooooooooooove this!!!! totally sweet <3 really happy to unlock True Ending ♥ on my first time playing


cute :')


SO CUTE AND SWEET ACKKK this game made me screech sfdhhfjsdfksdf


I needed this game right now. Thank you for sharing this amazing project with us.


this. was fucking. adorable


This was such a cute game!
I started tearing up at the end of one of the endings, it was so cute

it almost happened for me-


cute <3


Such a cute game! I really loved the story♡ >.<


It was indeed a small, feel-good story that gave me a tiny pick-me-up.  Very cute!


I LOVE IT \(≧▽≦)/ A very cute wlw story! I love how Lily was still respectful about staying friends! I definitely enjoyed it! ( ´ ω ` )

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